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Continually monitor the status of UPS batteries to ensure that they are functioning optimally


Between blackouts, brownouts, load shedding and surges, companies using IT equipment or any sensitive technology face a constant battle to keep their systems running and to protect them from the wear-and-tear associated with an unreliable power supply.

When blackouts or power surges occur, the UPS systems will ensure an uninterrupted and clean supply of power. However, since every UPS runs off battery power, companies and their power management service providers must ensure that their batteries are functioning optimally to provide the power required in times of crisis.

To empower clients to maintain control over their UPS systems and extract full value from them, Master Power Technologies has developed the BattSure.

The BattSure was designed to continually monitor the status of UPS batteries to ensure they are functioning optimally, warning organisations as soon as one or more batteries are showing signs of a fault before they can damage other cells in the UPS.

Master Power Technologies offers a wide range of lead acid batteries, ranging from 2V high Ah capacity cells to 12V 200Ah batteries.


Battsure continually monitors battery data to provide real-time detailed alarms and performance information.

Life Span

Battsure intelligently determines the health of the batteries and indicates their remaining service life.


Optimal battery performance is ensured by comprehensive battery monitoring with detailed operating warnings and alarms.


Detailed alarms and prior warning to battery end of life and end of discharge provide a security measure for batteries.

Power Measuring

Battsure measures and determines a wide range of battery information including remaining battery capacity.

Applications include:

  • UPS systems,
  • Rectifier systems,
  • Diesel Generator starting units.

UPS and Rectifier batteries are supplied and installed to suit specialised installation environments.

In addition to providing a wide range of lead acid batteries, Master Power Technologies provides a product called BattSure, which helps prolong and protect your battery investment.

BattSure is a battery manger that will provide the user with surety of site performance according to design specifications. BattSure will protect your site by monitoring safe- and correct-operation of the batteries, which is vital for a site’s uninterrupted power supply (minimizing downtime).

BattSure monitors the current, voltage and temperature of each battery to determine the State of Charge (SoC), State of Health (SoH) and alarm conditions according to standard IEC-62060.

BattSure Features:

  • Individual battery voltage temperature and current values.
  • State estimation including discharging, charging and float charging.
  • Battery specific temperature voltage and current alarms dependent on battery state.
  • Trending of battery data and alarms.
  • Detailed battery alarm login and information.
  • Battery health, charge and capacity information.

BattSure Advantages:

  • Isolation: 1.5kV on power and 2.5kV on measuring channels.
  • Modularity which provides expandability.
  • On-site and remote monitoring.
  • Report writing.

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