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Universal Controller

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Universal Controller (UC)

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To date the pinnacle of the R&D team’s success is the development of the Master Power Universal Controller (UC). This UC development has formed the springboard to the facilitation of the following product applications being implemented:

  • Triple-change-over controls – for use with diesel generator sets (standardised controls for power management in Data Centres and Power-critical sites).
  • Base Transceiver Station (BTS) NewLife Remote Monitoring – App developed for desktop and mobile phone to remotely monitor sites and generate reports of equipment on site. A sophisticated generator controller – to manage the start and stopping of the engine. This controller is used in high resilient installations where up-time is of critical importance.
  • Building Management System (BMS) – Monitoring of all alarms and conditions/status of equipment in buildings and Data Centres- including environmental monitoring.
  • BattSure – for monitoring sets of batteries in series and parallel when used with Rectifiers or UPS systems. The data obtained is in the form of alarms if voltage, current or temperature problems are detected on a single battery.

Features of the Universal Controller: