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Social Responsibility

Social Initiatives

Master Power Technologies believes in giving back to the community in many ways. The main objective is to help underprivileged children around South Africa. Master Power pursue a number of initiatives on a regular basis. For this purpose, we have created a campaign that strives to assist and support those who really need it the most.

The “Children’s Champion Initiative” was formed to create a stronger presence and to enable richer and more fulfilling prospects for the future. The end goal with this initiative is to enlist other companies to join in, and provide for the children of South Africa in any way they can.

This is not restricted to orphaned children, and companies are free to pursue any child oriented charity they choose, such as supporting child-run households, children who cannot afford education, providing school facilities / teachers etc.

Below you will find some examples of how Master Power gives back to those who need it the most – the children!

A Mustang Sally A3 colour in picture was inserted into every AVPIX Magazine

This is a result from Christopher Basel, a 5 year old living in Lone Hill Johannesburg. Every issue of the magazine will carry something for the kids. Master Power Technologies have given great support to the publication with a percentage of the revenue being channelled back to a children’s fund that is supported by them.

Tshwaraqganang Orphanage

“We want to thank you very much for the use of your crane-truck to assist us to move the containers at the orphanage….. Thank you for helping us to make a difference to all the little kiddies that live here, we really appreciate it! Best regards and much love”

Rod and Charline

Loerie Jeugsentrum Trust

Hiermee wens ons julle uit ons harte te bedank vir alles wat julle weer die afgelope jaar vir die inwoners van Loerie Kinderhuis gedoen en beteken het! Baie dankie vir die wonderlike kuiertjie op Sunward Ranch en die feit dat julle gesin dit saam met ons beleef het. Die kinders het werklik elke oomblik daarvan terdeë geniet. Vir baie van hulle was dit ‘n heel nuwe ervaring en hul praat nog steeds oor al die pret. Dra asseblief ons hartlike dank oor aan Gareth en die ander personeel van Master Power Technologies wat saam met ons al die pret gedeel het.

Jul almal se liefde, betrokkenheid en ondersteuning word beslis beskou as ‘n daad van liefde en opregtheid want sonder die hulp en bystand van dierbare Loerievriende soos julle, sal ons as trustees en personeel beslis nie in ons doel kan slaag naamlik: om ‘n verskil in ‘n kind se lewe te kan maak!

Vriendelike Loeriegroete,
Trustees, Personeel en Loeries”

St Nicolas and St Josephs Children’s Homes

“Thank you for your kind donation of a Microwave and Presents for our Children at St Nicolas and St Joseph’s Homes. The children appreciate your contribution. Thank you for the wonderful generosity to our Children’s Homes. It is donations such as these that enable us to provide the best service and care to the children at St Nicolas and St Joseph’s Homes.”

Green Office

“Green Office” is a Master Power Technologies initiative, designed to raise awareness of the importance of adopting environmentally friendly behaviour in the workplace.

Here are some initiatives Master Power have implemented to reduce their carbon footprint:

  • We use a dedicated recycling system i.e. paper in paper bins, plastic in plastic bins, etc.
  • We use T5 fluorescent bulbs in all our office buildings.
  • All air conditioning units in all office buildings are Inverter Type units thus utilising less power.
  • All lights and conditioning systems are running on movement sensors, such that the devices switch off when there is no movement.