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To ensure that clients receive the major benefits from their installed power solutions, Master Power Technologies has invested in a training centre to upskill our technical staff and those of our clients. Emphasis is on the training of technicians and other appropriate employees of clients where our products and solutions have been supplied.

The control and switching of today’s sophisticated power solutions is complicated and the reliability of the system can be affected if incorrect switching is made. It is therefore of the utmost importance that technicians and client operators fully understand how to operate the equipment at their sites.

The training courses will emulate the client site and provide simulated fault situations with step by step visual instructions on how to switch sections of the system. These switchings in the training centre can be repeatedly carried out without any risk of incorrect switching at a live site. Other training includes in-house Health and Safety courses, new product training to sales and support staff and induction training for new staff.

Training centre clients can obtain Master Power Technologies Certification on the correct use of secure power solutions in their operations. The centre also ensures that our service engineers maintain and extend their high levels of expertise.

The training covers:

  • Static and Rotary UPS systems,
  • Diesel Generator systems,e
  • Rectifiers and Batteries,
  • Energy Management,
  • Power Quality systems,
  • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition),
  • PLC automation,
  • Remote/Automated monitoring,
  • Switching Procedures and
  • Health and Safety.