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Building Management System

Master Power offer Turnkey solutions for critical power requirements

Building Management System

Base Transceiver Station NewLife Remote Monitoring App

The Master Power BTS monitoring or Remote Monitoring system is used to monitor various building/sites/rooms. The purpose of the BMS is to have a central location for various building/sites/rooms to be monitored and action to be taken accordingly. The software application reads data from hardware which gathers information from various devices. These devices can be grouped into device-groups or device-types.


Controlled access, CCTV & Intrusion detection

  • Reduction in theft and Visual evidence of intrusions
  • Always knowing who’s been on site

Equipment performance monitoring

  • Reduction in unplanned down time
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased service delivery
  • Ensuring that emergency equipment I.e. generators only run when required
  • Verifying utility costs & performance against on-site power quality monitoring
  • Extended operational life of equipment due to optimal servicing

Risk mitigation

  • Ability to respond rapidly to component failures or underperforming systems
  • Reduction in risk of unauthorised persons entering site and being exposed to dangerous equipment and material

Increase of operational efficiency

  • Ensuring equipment is maintained in such a way that they function to maximum efficiency
  • Reducing unplanned outages by constant visibility of condition and eliminating access by unauthorised persons
  • Clear visibility on operational assets such as fuel stocks and battery performance


  • Complete solution covering ALL aspects of BTS operation
  • Native integration into standard equipment controls such as Engine Control Units & Generator Controllers
  • Capable of interfacing with all equipment b.m.o. open communication protocols and standard Analog & Digital signals
  • Extremely responsive development of product enhancements
  • Tried and tested in mission critical sites all over Africa and the Middle East

Master Power’s R&D team is constantly evaluating ways and means of providing clients with value added solutions to ensure the company stays abreast with the latest technology.